Smart Hernia Mesh

Inventor(s): Mr Andrew Hindmarsh
Member Trust: Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Award Amount: £93,000

Award Duration: 6 Months

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Background: Abdominal wall and groin hernias are a common surgical problem and the gold standard of care is to place a surgical mesh at the weak spot where the hernia came through, to strengthen it. Chronic pain can occur due to the mechanical fixation methods used to secure the mesh during surgery including sutures and permanent/absorbable tacks.

This innovation project is developing a novel, heat activated, adhesive polymerisation system (‘glue’) that could be used for meshed groin hernia and abdominal wall repairs. This easy-to-use solution will allow better manoeuvring and positioning and bond strength without recourse to additional fixation methods currently required during the repair.

Project Plan for Award: Funding from the Medtech Accelerator will be used to further develop the adhesive polymer formulation and early testing to then ready this technology for commercialisation.