Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA)

Inventor(s): Dr David Brooks
Member Trust: Ablatus Therapeutics Limited (spin-out company from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Award Amount:  £124,796

Award Duration  12 months

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Background: Tissue ablation is a surgical procedure used to destroy tissue, such as a tumour, in situ. A needle-like probe is placed inside the tumour; radiofrequency waves passing through the probe increase the temperature within the tissue and results in tumour destruction. However current application of the procedure is limited in terms of the size and location of tumours which can be treated.

Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA) is a novel technology which offers the potential to address some of the problems of the most commonly-used ablation system. The technology utilises a combination of AC and DC power which prevents tissue damage created by charring and thereby increases the size of the zone which can be treated compared to other technologies.

The technology was originally developed within the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH) and spun out of the hospital as Ablatus Therapeutics in May 2016 with £500k of initial investment.

Project Plan for Award:The award is part of a follow on funding round being led by the Medtech Accelerator that will support further technology development towards CE-marking and human study trials at the NNUH.