Dissection Plane Splayer Device

Inventor(s): Amit Agrawal
Member Trust: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Award Amount: £95,205

Award Duration: 6 Months

Background:The force applied by retractors, a transitional device used to display the area to be operated on for the surgeon, can cause trauma to surrounding tissue. This can lead to complications, such as loss of blood supply to the tissue and skin, and potential infection.

The Dissection Plane Splayer device is an over-the-glove tissue retraction device, designed to minimise trauma in surrounding tissue during surgical dissections. It gives the surgeon the ability to display the area to be operated on, rather than relying on surgical assistants, which will lead to safer dissections.

Project Plan for Award: The Medtech Accelerator award will allow the team to work on the design concept and develop an early prototype for testing.