Endoluminal Vacuum Therapy Device (E-Vac) for the Management of Upper Gastrointestinal (UGI) Leaks

Inventor(s): Mr Andrew Hindmarsh
Member Trust: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Award Amount:  £125,000

Award Duration: 12 months

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Background: Leaks from the upper gastrointestinal (UGI) tract can occur following medical interventions such as surgery and endoscopy. Treatment of the leak is essential to prevent sepsis and potential mortality with an estimated 2,800 patients in the UK and 26,000 in the US requiring intervention.

Vacuum therapy has revolutionised the treatment of wounds and is being investigated to manage patients with UGI leaks to significantly improved patient outcomes and reduced hospital stay. The endoluminal vacuum device (E-Vac) meets this unmet need in addressing such UGI leaks and can be placed endoscopically through the defect in the bowel wall into the leak cavity to drain the infection, control the leak, and obliterates the leak cavity without recourse to surgery.

Project Plan for Award: The award will be used to take early prototypes through to a CE marked medical device ready for market and is being carried out in collaboration with development partner, JEB Technologies.