Helping Children with ‘Glue Ear’ to Hear

Inventor(s): Dr Tamsin Brown
Member Trust: Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust (in collaboration with Clinical Engineering at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Award Amount: £109,000

Award Duration: 11 Months

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Background: 1 million children per year suffer from glue ear (or Otitis Media with Effusion).

The development of a novel bone conduction headset technology for children with long-term glue ear, the persistent build-up of fluid in the middle part of the ear canal.

The technology will be used in the school, clinical and home settings to overcome the child’s hearing loss, preventing them from falling behind at school at a crucial development stage.

Project Plan for Award: The project was initially granted a small award in the first funding call of the Medtech Accelerator back in 2017 to allow the team to build up their business case for the technology.

The team have subsequently returned with a full project proposal and the funding from the Medtech Accelerator will deliver the development of both hardware and software components of the bone conduction product to reach a point of gaining regulatory approval. The product will subsequently then be ready for commercialisation.

“Receiving support from the Medtech Accelerator means our team had the opportunity to move the project to the next level, maneuvering us into a stronger position for follow-on funding.

In my case the MTA  funding came with advice about best use of the funding to place the product on the right commercial route to market.”

Dr Tamsin Brown
Community Paediatrician CCS NHS Trust and Honorary Contract with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.