TumourVue Ltd – A Disruptive Medical Imaging Device for Cancer Surgery

Inventor(s): Gita Moghaddam
Member Trust: Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & University of Cambridge in partnership with TumourVue Ltd

Award Amount: £125,000

Award Duration: 12 Months

Background: Retrospective studies indicate that those undergoing cancer surgery carry a lifelong risk of local reoccurrence of cancer. Therefore, determining clear excision margins during surgery is essential to reducing the risk of reoccurrence.

TumourVue Ltd, a newly formed start up, are developing a clip-on device that can be added to a pair of safety or prescription glasses worn by the surgeon. Thus allowing a colour-coded image to be superimposed onto the surgeon’s eye as an assistive technology to facilitate operations and provide precise, objective tumour margin detection during surgery.

Project Plan for Award: The award from the Medtech Accelerator will be used to develop a working prototype of the device and develop their business plan.